Summary Meeting 03.08.09

It was a pretty productive meeting this Monday. We discussed how we will go about finding out about our product wishes, the amounts and our budget. We decided on responsibilities in contacting producers. We looked at possible rooms in Pärmivabrik. We found people who will write a rough drafts of the rules.

products, amounts, budget:
Until next Thursday we will watch what we consume and what we spend. We will think what else we want and where to get it.

There were a few rooms in Pärmivabrik. One has a nice size, but the temperature changes quite a lot. It is on the 2nd floor. The other ones were very small. They could host a coop for max. 10-15 people. We would not be able to grow then. We can try to fix up the bigger room but will have to think about how to do that.

contacting producers:
We will introduce who we are and what we want to do, ask when they have what and how much for what price, if they can bring the food to Tartu and if they are willing to establish a longer term relationship with us. The prices should be similar to the ones on the market or less. Nothing is for sure yet. The contacts are still research and not agreements between us and the producers. For fresh goods we will try to order a basic amount constantly and then order more depending on what we actually need. We will have to talk more about how we will order: if we order an amount and will get what is available seasonally or if we will order certain amounts of specified goods on top of the usual (potatoes, onions …). Right now we have about 10 people in the group for sure.


until next Thursday:
Watch what you eat and how much you spend! I uploaded a file for that on the blog. Send it back to me or take it along to our meeting.

from next Thursday:
Start contacting producers! We said who will try where.

Online Platform

Right now we have the blog and the google group. But I think, they are not what we actually need. We should try to create a webpage where we can put up information, dates, links and whatever else that should be public. We should also be able to have some kind of database, where we can gather information and do the ordering. Also, a mailing list and a forum would be good.

The google group is a bad compromise. You have to register with google to edit the files and only text files are possible. Yahoo is slightly better but also there you have to register. I’d like to avoid that. So I think we should take the trouble of first sending around excel sheets until we have a proper webpage.


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  1. toidukooptartu

    Maybe would work for us?!

  2. toidukooptartu

    Also interesting: German food-coop webpage on wiki-basis:

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