… the idea

We want to create a food cooperative in Tartu, Estonia and have it start working in the fall. What a food cooperative is described here.

… the reasons

Local and organic products are difficult to access or hardly available in town. Most shopping takes place in big supermarkets. Organic consumption is rather expensive and time-consuming around here. You generally need much information to get all the products you want. Many of the products available in stores are imported.

But … if there are several people with the same interests and the will to cooperate, an alternative can be created!

With the food-coop we will

  • create a community of people caring for good food, regional, organic farming, personal contacts and responsible consumption
  • create a consumption environment that does not try to persuade you to buy more
  • have the opportunity to choose our product and where they come from
  • have a room for communication, cooperation and ideas and – of course – good food

… this blog

This blog will explain the basic principles of food-cooperatives – aims and conceptional background, possible organizational forms, financial issues and some historical information.

Information about the current state of organization, ongoing discussions and prevailing thoughts you will find on the first page.

It will also provide links to (food)-cooperatives, organic farmers, consumer initiatives as well as organizations or info-portals on relevant topics.

… my background

I am an student of environmental sciences from Germany. To Tartu I came in February 2009 and will stay until the end of the year. Back home I am member of a food-coop myself and fascinated by the idea and the possibilities. After a few months in Tartu I gained the feeling, having a food-coop here would be of interest to enough people.

… the next step

The NGO is founded; the first step done. Now we are looking for more people who want to have/join the project. It involves some work for every member, but, from my experience, gives back more. Also, we need small prioducers close to Tartu who want to sell their products to us If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our communication platform for more information, get a taste or to join.


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